Audi A5 Oil Level Sensor Reset

It has 1400 miles on it and i noticed that the oil level on the mmi had come down close to the minimum level. These sensors are prone to failure and the whole system can be a source of frustration leaving you staring at the yellow oil light.

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Until the oil level sensor packs it in cheers.

Audi a5 oil level sensor reset. I have a new a5 20t. Here is the issue. If the oil light is still on with the oil level full then you either have an oil pressure sending unit not reading correctly or the vehicle is low on oil pressure.

Its not a circuit monitored by the engine management computer. Automotive ad builder vehicle marketing solutions h. How to properly and easily reset an oil light on an audi a5 2011.

We hope you find these reset procedures helpful. Audi hood thinks its open when it is not. When i had a proper look the drive belt had frayedsplit and was fllailing around.

I read in the owners manual that if it came down you should add 5 liters of oil wait 2 minutes and then check the mmi again to see that it has increased. Most likely the sensor is faulty as if low on pressure you would have some engine noise. The oil level sensor on the audi a4 uses the temperature of the oil to determine the level of oil in the tank.

Paula the oil sensor if youre speaking of the oil level sensor does not affect the check engine light in any way. If your oil level light comes on the first thing you should do is check the fuse for the sensor. Sorry to up this old tread but its the only i found with the same problem as mine.

Also i need to tell you that this sensor should be replaced by the audi part only not an aftermarket part since the aftermarket versions do not have the oil temperature circuit built into it. Audi saying you have low oil when you dont. Ive got a a4 b8 30 tdi and yesterday i found my drive belt frayedsplit after seen the yellow warnig oil level sensor defective.

Took car to local garage diagnosis was that the tensioner had failed causing the belt to go slack this then shredded and ripped the wiring harness 3 wires to the oil level sensor in the sump in half. Managed to drive home 50 miles with oil sensor symbol showing. You will get the warning but you dont know whats going on.

Audi requires the use of a scan tool to reset the maintenance light thank you for using car how to and the oil reset pro app. So you put in one litre and thr signal doesnt go away.

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