68 Camaro Front End Alignment Specs

For the 2010 altima sedan the caster angle on the front end should be set at 49 degrees but it can range by 075 degrees in either direction with a cross tolerance of 055 degrees. This spiral bound book was used by garage mechanics and the public.

Camaro Wheel Alignment Specifications

I worked my way through college in the 1970s doing front end work and it is amazing how much the alignment changes as the load in the car varies.

68 camaro front end alignment specs. Hotchkis springs front and rear hotchkis swaybar in front globalwest upper control arms power steering. Some oe 4 spd cars saginaw got 14x6 steel wheels with 3 inch backspacing. Just got back from the alignment shop.

1967 1969 camaro the first generation camaro has a short long arm sla front suspension which is fully adjustable for camber caster and toe. The esso car care guide 1968. Chevrolet camaro wheel alignment specifications suspension adjustability information and recommended alignment type.

The plain jane car was designed for an f70 14 tire on a 14x5 wheel with 25 inches of backspacing. It contains all of the specifications needed to look after practically all of the cars on the road at that time. Front suspension guide you can tell a lot about the condition of your camaro by inspecting certain parts.

Many of the suspension pieces and the alignment of the components tell a story of the life your car has led up to its current state. 68 alignment specs im hoping to get it done this week. We always had the customer sit in the car when we aligned it.

Couple of weeks i had replaced the upper and lower ball joints and put in the moog offset control arm shafts flipped around. How to restore your chevy camaro.

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Camaro Wheel Alignment Specifications

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Camaro Wheel Alignment Specifications

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